Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My three sweet kids!


Tanner is five and a ray of sunshine. He loves going to preschool and can't wait to go to Kindergarten. He is very helpful around the house and does what he is asked to do without much complaining. He loves to play with cars and put puzzles together. He is a great kid!

Tanner just started T-Ball and loves it. He asks every day if it is Tuesday or Thursday so he can go to practice. Uncle Dan is helping his Dad coach his team. Thanks Uncle D!

Tanner loves to help with his little sisters. (especially Eliza) He always trys to make her happy and lately he has loved reading books to her.


Emma is the sassiest three year old you have ever met. She is so full of life. She tries my patience and makes me laugh all at the same time. She loves to "mother" and take care of everyone around her. She loves going to nursery and can't wait for preschool. Emma is so stubborn and will not do anything unless it is her idea. She is also not afraid to put you in your place.We just love her to pieces!

Emma fights with me most of the time to do her hair. She thinks she can do it all by herself!


Eliza is 5 1/2 months. She continues to be a sweet baby.(especially when Mom has her) She just cut her first tooth today and the other one is almost here too! She can sit up pretty well by herself but still tips over really easy. She has just recently found her voice and loves to squeal at her brother and sister. She has such a fun personality and will smile and play with almost anyone as long as her Mom is holding her. Eliza really recognizes food now and wants to eat what everyone else is eating.

Eliza thinks she is a "big girl" and likes to drink water from a sippie cup.
I love my kids so much and I couldn't think of a better job than that of being a Mom!

Crazy Life!

Wow! it has been a crazy couple of months again! It seems like we are always busy doing something. Here are some pictures of my cute kids and what we have been up to lately.
Enjoying the " wiggle car". This happens to be not such a happy picture of the baby but a cute one of the other two. ( Eliza doesn't like it when the car is stopped!)

Helping Dad plant the garden!

My sweet crazy kids being themselves. The hats were sent as birthday presents from my brother Paul, who is serving a mission in Bolivia. They just love their hats! For at least the first week or so Emma snuggled with hers every night!