Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eliza's baby blessing

Last Sunday we blessed Eliza in church. We were so lucky to have so much support from our family and friends. Especially from those who traveled many miles to be with us on our special day. Thank you! The blessing was beautiful and unlike my other children Eliza didn't even cry.

Our Little Family


Davidson Family said...

Lindsey you look great for just having a baby 2 months ago. How do you do it? By the way did I give you my blog site? If not it is We miss you guys. I am happy that you started this blog site. Eliza looks alot like Emma, but she also has a look all her own as well. Your kids have grown so much!

Mike, Kim, and Zane Gifford said...

Your family is so cute. We are glad to see you have joined the blogging world also. We are sorry we missed the blessing, but I had sharing time during the time you had church. Eliza is so adorable!