Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This is the beautiful Rexburg temple!

While in Rexburg for Daniel's ordination, we walked through Ricks Garden and took some pictures of the kids.

Tanner thought that we needed pictures of us too!! He is quite the little photographer.(I guess it is in his genes!) This first one is my favorite. A little cropping and no one will know that a five year old took them!

Tanner is such a little poser. He did not want to just sit there and smile.

Emma is such a little stinker. She did not want to get her picture taken very much and would not smile for anything.

Eliza is such a sweet little baby. Her personality has really blossomed since we have been here. And she is the bussiest little thing ever!!!

Just because I love this picture!!


Michael and Dena said...

Your kids are so cute. They have gotten so big. I can't belive how old Daniel is. I still remember him as a little boy. Well It sounds like you guys are doing great. I love to check out your blog and see how you and your family are doing.

Peter Lee Family said...

We miss Emma so much in Nursery-it is not the same without her