Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to School Pictures 2010!

Tanner is in the 2nd grade this year at Syringa.

His teacher is Mrs. Remark.

Emma is at Syringa this year too.

She is in Kindergarten and has the

wonderful "Mrs. Spiker" (Tanner's kindergarten teacher)

Emma is so excited to be at the "big kids" school and

get homework! (We will see how fun she thinks homework

is as the year progresses.)

The night before school starts Jared gives the kids back to school blessings. This year after he had given the three oldest kids blessings and we were kneeling down for family prayer, Eliza started getting all upset and told Jared that baby brother needed a blessing too! So he gave Ryker a Father's blessing as well. It was a very tender moment for us.

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Marley Family said...

We always do back to school blessings too. When I was little I would make my dad give my cat blessings! Go busy! Way to be a good example!