Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October Happenings!

The kids school had their first annual fun run. Each grade level had to run the track three times. Both kids did great and finished in the top ten for their grade which meant they both got Syringa water bottles.

Tanner was so determined to do well. He is not really that fast of a runner but set a goal to be one of the top ten and practiced on his own accord during recesses all week.

After the race...soo tired!

Emma is a pretty fast little runner but I was not sure if she even cared about it at all. Turns out that stubborn little girl did not want too many boys to beat her so she ran her fastest the whole time and came in third or fourth and was the first girl done!

She was so proud of herself! She must have ran her little heart out...she was bright red and sooo sweaty!
Emma's Kindergarten class had a program where they recited all the letters of the alphabet..the sound they make and a nursery rhyme or little song for each one. Each child was supposed to dress up like their favorite one. Afterwards they had a sampling of nursery rhyme treats! It was alot of fun.
Emma with her teacher Mother Goose(Mrs. Spiker)

Emma was one of the ten little ghosts and her friend Ezra from our ward was Humpty Dumpty
This year I helped in both kids classrooms at their Halloween parties. I forgot to take pictures at Tanners and I only have this one picture at Emmas. I need to get alot better at taking pictures!
Eating pumpkin shaped donuts hanging from a string with no hands

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Jannae said...

aw! you are so creative with the ghost dress! I miss you!