Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Pictures!

My Grandma complained that I had not posted any pictures of the kids lately...so Grandma these are for you!!

Tanner with his new glasses

Ryker playing with sticks and whatever else he could find while the other kids were fishing.

All the kids in the backhoe with their Dad.

Eliza pushing Ryker around the house in his "car"..sometimes he likes it...sometimes he doesn't!

I am not sure but I think he wants me to pick him up:)

Ryker sure enjoyed homemade blueberry syrup on his waffles.

Ryker's scrunch face...too bad the picture is a little blurry

Coloring eggs as a family.

The end of May Tanner received his Bobcat and Wolf badges...way to go T!!!

Whew!!! I think I am caught up...for today at least!:)


Ang said...

Holy Hannah lady! Wouldn't it be easier to do a post a day instead of trying to get them all done in one day?!!! I love all the pictures of your adorable kids! Your kindergarten graduation stress was all worth it.....everything is so cute! Let's play now - summer's totally here!!!

The Giffords said...

I love all the pictures of the kids. They are all so cute. Tell Tanner that I think he looks very handsome and grown up in his glasses. Glasses are so much better now than when we were younger and I wore the huge plastic ones.

elizabeth mckay said...

ahh Lindsey,
They look great, which means you're doing a fabulous job with them! Tanner looks very handsome in his new glasses! Wish my face was so cute.